In SOIL COLLECTORS we find four musicians who boldly throw themselves into a mesmerizing genre of music, hovering on the borderland between shamanic blues, pop and electronic music. Influenced by Scandinavian choral tradition and the songs of ancient cultures, they aim to explore the roots of all music; rhythm and voice. The band is known for their highly experimental live performances, each concert being a unique experience. On stage they deliver a barely believable musical experience that’s a privilege to witness and that could rock a festival crowd to its roots.


Isabel Sörling voice & electronics

Hannah Tolf voice & electronics

Jonathan Albrektson drums & synth

Martin Öhman drums


Soil Collectors has released the albums ”Onata Onawa”(2012), "Tah-tay Leet' -kah lah"(2016) and performed and toured at venues around the world. Their music has taken them to Canada, Usa, Germany, Irland, Switzerland, France, Norway and Sweden. Here’s an extract of different venues and festivals;


12 points Festival - Dublin, Irland

Umeå Jazz Festival - Umeå, Sweden

Jazz ahead - Bremen, Germany

Victoria Nasjonal Jazz Scene - Oslo, Norway

Divan Orange - Montreal, Canada

Hot club de Jazz - Lyon, France

Maijazz - Stavanger, Norway

Nefertiti Jazz club - Gothenburg, Sweden

Tampere Hall, Finland

Kapsäkki, Finland




Furthermore Soil Collectors collaborate with the promotion organisation Musikcentrum Öst and Birds Will Sing For You and is funded by the Swedish arts council.



"So much to hear and discover, imagine there is still such exciting and different music being created"

- Ystads Allehanda


"Soil Collectors affect in any way the original that we all have in us, something that is in the genes and in hidden memories. After that it's unimportant to put a label on the music."

- Dala-Demokraten


"...From the inuits of Greenland, Mexican indians or desert nomads they fetch rhytms, voices, myths and tones on which they build something new and unique. Rhytmic rites build up to electronic, grandiose spaces, chanting voices and shouts are mixed with melodic vocal harmonies and ambient soundscapes are coloured by ancient cultures.

It’s music that keeps moving and changing and which is totally unpredictable. I dare to say that their new album “Tah-Tay Leet’ Kah Lah” doesn’t sound like anything else. It’s a fascinating blend of world music, art and pop, which is impossible to categorize."

- Meadow Music


”Soil Collectors at 12 Points. You'll not see another gig like that this year. Unreal. I'm still scared. (…) "This is elemental stuff, and a barely believable musical experience that’s a privilege to witness."

- Irish Times, Laurence Mackin (from 12 points festival 2013)


”…One of the most creative contribution this year. (…)

American sing&songwriter-tradition with exceptionally original twists. Beautiful!”

- Jazznytt, Jan Granlie (from 12 points festival 2013)


”…Intersections of choral traditions, pop and improvised music with a provocative, energetic as well as theatric approach (…)

- All about Jazz, Henning Bolte, (from Umeå Jazzfestival 2013)

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